Africa,a continent blessed with massive resources among the other parts of the continents that form the map of the world.Despite the huge reserves of natural and mineral resources like Gold,bauxite,manganese,iron,timber,oil and so on,citizenry living in the various parts of countries in this continent called Africa raise a lot of concerns about their standard of living being very poor.


Moreover,Chaos and anarchy has become the other of the day reigning the entire parts of this continent,although there are peaceful countries in Africa yet the worse things that happen supersede the good.Political instability,political intolerance and profligate expenditure from government in power has gained grounds in this continent.
  A country in the western part of Africa called Ghana is one of the developing countries in the world.It gain independence from the British from England in 1957 through indefatigable pursuance from great leaders named the Big Six who are Dr Kwame Nkrumah,Arko Adjei,Dr J B Danquah,Obstebi Lamptey,Ofori Atta,Paa Grant were the gallant men who gave all their best in gaining independence for their nation.


After the independence,Ghana hasn’t seen any positive impact on the citizens of the country.Now in the fourth republic and still striving to be the second to none in terms of economic advancement,will it be a dream come true or a nine day wonder!
Let’s wait to see how Ghana goes!!

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